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Ron Wolfe

photography, colored pencil, watercolor, pastel & oil

I was born and raised in Sidney, Ohio and have lived the majority of my life there, still close to the area. I began making art at a young age and though mostly self-taught I became more involved in art in my teen years, spending time at a local studio, meeting and working along with fellow artists. This aided my development as an artist and - most of all - inspired me to keep reaching further with my own artistic ideas and visions.

During High School in Sidney, I discovered an interest in photography while taking a photography class. An additional college photography class in later years further ingrained this photography interest. I have found photography to be a unique combination of technical processes and creative techniques. It seems to satisfy both the technical and creative parts of my mind.

Any serious artistic and photography endeavors were put on hold for many decades during my career as a firefighter & paramedic, 1981until 2015. My career was very rewarding and opened my eyes to many parts of life and death not normally seen by others. It made me see, at an early age, the value of each day we are given.

I was determined after retirement to restart my artistic and photography interests in a more full- time manner. I enjoy working in a variety of art mediums; oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, graphite, and pastel are some. My view on digital photography is that it is also an artistic medium; and I apply many hours to processing my photographs using artistic principles and techniques. I also enjoy restoring old or damaged photos that hold a special value for my clients. I print all my own work to ensure a high level of quality in the finished prints; the only exception being prints larger than my equipment can produce. For these, I have found a reliable printer who meets the quality I desire.

Fellow artists have utilized my interest in printing to make fine art prints of their own artwork. This is something I find very fulfilling, and my goal is always to capture the artwork as the original artist intended.

I have been especially inspired by the creative enthusiasm of owner Mila Hamilton and of the many artists I have met through my work and involvement with Gallery 2:TEN in Sidney. I enjoy the variety of projects resulting from this involvement and look forward to many more years and many more creative projects.

In my opinion, art and photography have no boundaries; no limits to what is possible. That others enjoy my work is a special reward to the many hours and efforts involved in its creation.

I am represented by Gallery 2:TEN in Sidney, Ohio and A Robin’s Nest in Bellefontaine, Ohio.