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Cliff "Iffy" Adams

oil painting, airbrushing

Cliff lives in Pearland, Texas since 1984, but was born and raised in Sidney, OH. He attended Holy Angels, Bridgeview and Sidney High School, and was blessed to find encouragement in the arts from Mr. Creviston and Mr. Cromer. He was president of the art class at Sidney High, and had a permanent pass from study hall because he was always coordinating the artwork and decorations for dances and athletic events.

Iffy is known for many, many “airbrush” creations! Self-taught (the best way) he started this art form in 1974, and painted over 50 vans and numerous motorcycles. Especially memorable is a hearse that Cliff airbrushed skeletons on.

The inspiration for Cliff’s oil paintings comes from nature and the awe of Creation that extends beyond our comprehension. He once saw a sign as he was coming into Sidney that said “Welcome to Sidney- Home of Nothing”. This inspired him to create the beautiful artwork of scenes from the Big Four and Tawawa Park . To encourage young artists, Cliff and Mila Hamilton (Gallery 2:TEN) have made prints of this artwork available where the proceeds are “For the Kids”. Funding will be available for art classes and supplies, to those that need help in order to encourage and inspire budding artists.