How Gallery 2TEN Started

Gallery 2 TEN is artsy… unique… out-of-the-ordinary! Selections of art and custom décor make super-duper gifts. Owner Mila Hamilton re-purposes and hand-paints furniture and décor of all shapes and sizes. She always has a variety on display and is constantly creating fun projects in the workshop. Custom finishes can be applied to items brought in by clients, too!

In addition to Mila’s works, Gallery 2 TEN also offers the pieces of over 50 local artists on consignment. Our displays include the arts of jewelry making, welding, watercolor, acrylic, oil, photography, fired glass, pottery, blacksmithing, and book authors. We offer custom portraits, wall art, and other custom types of art!

God is always preparing us for something… what fun it is when His plans are revealed and we are willing to participate at His leisure!


Hi! I am Mila (of Expressions by Mila Painting Co.) Since the 1980s, empty walls and empty canvases have given me free reign to exercise a whim well beyond the ordinary.

I studied art and business management at Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI and at Indiana University East, Richmond, IN (my hometown). I began the creative journey decorating homes when home for summer break - encouraged by my wonderful friend Sue Raby. I moved to Sidney, OH in 1990 and have been on a ladder, scaffolding, or at my easel daily since then. Please view my painting website (Expressions by Mila) and Facebook pictures to see my painting work.

In 2014, my dream of having my own gallery and studio came true! Wow, was I in for a surprise when I meet so many other creative souls that I am now honored to represent and sell their blessings of art on consignment.

I am inspired by nature, animals, travel, and the Fibonacci sequence. Whether my art is abstract or realistic or impressionistic, it will have a scripture association that I enchantingly wasn’t aware of when I started the piece. I am blessed with a little talent, and I bless my art by writing scripture on the back… which then blesses the room where it hangs when purchased by a wonderful client.